Alistair Peck
I can still remember taking my very first photograph, when I was seven. My dad let me take a picture of a stone bridge on the campsite where we were staying at Llyn Gwynant in North Wales. As I didn't make a complete hash of it my parents bought me an instamatic camera and some black and white film for my following birthday and I still have the resulting wonkily-framed fuzzy prints somewhere. When I was a bit older I was bought an Olympus Trip 35 which was a fantastic camera to really begin learning how to record the world around me, and I remember it with great affection. I now have several Trip 35s which I have bought from various charity shops and eBay. In my teens I bought an old Canon AE-1 for £25: This was my first SLR and I loved the creative flexibility it gave me to experiment taking pictures of literally anything I found interesting without worrying about whether it was a “proper” photograph like one of the family or holidays. That was the beginning of my increasing interest in photography as a means of expressing myself.

The pictures that are displayed on this site don’t just represent work that I have done: They represent experiences I have had. I’m passionate about my work and I put a lot of myself into it. I couldn’t work any other way and hopefully you are looking for a photographer who wants to produce something exciting on every shoot rather than one who sees it as just a job.
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